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Exclusion of your child from school is a traumatic experience for the family. In addition appealing against the exclusion could be stressful too.

Selecting this service option we will provide you the following.

-        Help to draft your appeal form
-        Preparing and researching your exclusion case
-        Researching the school case and the reasons for the  exclusion
-        Help to produce supporting documents and evidences 
-        Full advocacy and representation on the day of exclusion appeal hearing.
-        Follow up support and advice once the outcome of the appeal is known

We will tailor the service to meet your child's individuality.  We will provide you with the most comprehensive package that will help to make the best of your case.

For further information or to discuss your specific requirements, please phone
Omar Ismail  on 07941 494250 or by e-mail me at

Please note that this service is conducted by e-mail and telephone contact and will include one hour interview on the day of hearing