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Service to Parents
School Admission Appeals

Every year many parents like you fail to secure the preferred school place for their son or daughter. Of course it is only right that you want the best for your child. Like you we believe that every child matter and should be giving the good education that will secure their bright future. As a concerned and responsible parent you wonder what to do next.  
YOU have the right in law to appeal for the school you prefer.  We are here to help you exercise this right to get the school place that your son or daughter deserve. 
Appeals are time consuming stressful and could be cause of anxiety for you, your child and the whole family.  We will take the stress and hassle out of the appeal process for you by providing the following services: 
                - Key Stage One -Infant Class Size prejudges  Appeals
                - Grammar School Selection
                - Secondary Schools Transfer In year 
                - Appeals to both Primary and Secondary Schools

Special Educational needs

Under The Disability and Discrimination Act schools has a duty to promote disability equality, eliminate discrimination and provide access to education for disabled children.  In the event that your son or daughter, due to their disability, is unable to access the education they deserve we will provide you with advice and help to secure the school your child need. With the expertise of our disability advisories and legal consultants we will help you to apply for SEN statement naming the school you want.  We will negotiate on your behalf with the Local Education Authority to ensure that your child needs are meet. However should the need arises we will provide the help and advice needed to take your case to The Special Educational Needs and Disability Discrimination in Schools Tribunal- SENDIST.

Exclusion Appeals

On 1st of September 2008 guidance which underlines the exclusion processes came in effect. The processes of exclusion are complicated and require knowledge and expertise. Going through an exclusion appeal is an emotional drain and could be source of anxiety for the whole family.  With our experience in handling a combative process we will be able to support you and advocate on your behalf to ensure positive out come for your excluded child. 

Transport Appeals

If the school that  your child  have been offered is over defined    distance, the Local Education Authority is obliged to provide transport by providing a Taxi in some cases or meet the cost of public transport. Whatever your transport case is we will provide you with best advice and support in how to appeal using the Education Act 1996 and case law.

Our team has the experience and knowledge in how to win all types of school appeals and our fees are extremely competitive.
Because we believe that every child is an individual we will design the most appropriate appeal package that will meet your child's educational needs at a very affordable price.

Get The Best Because Your Child Deserve The Best.