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School Search
It is not easy to select or find the school that you prefer for your child. Add to this the time resources required to undertake a search for the school that will match your child educational needs. We will provide you with schools search report to help you make an informed decision to which school you should apply for.
Our search report will provide you with following information

-        School beliefs  values and  aims 
-        School specialism and curriculum
-        Distance from home and safest   travelling route to school
-        School resources facilities personnel  and funding
-        School class size and  organisation
-        School safety and policies
-        School reputation including Offsted reports and School League Tables 

The search report will cover up-to two schools al that we will ask you to do is to tell us about your child characteristics personality, learning style, any special needs, and the school characteristics you consider will suit your child.

For further information or to discuss your specific requirements, please phone
Omar Ismail  on 07941 494250 or by e-mail me at


Please note that this service is provided by e-mail and telephone contact